Unpleasant Gum

It’s been some time but don’t assume that this one must be really good because, look how much time it took.  Unfortunately the amount of time spent and how good the results are don’t always coincide.  I said “Unfortunately” but it just occurred to me that if spending more time always made things better, why would I ever finish anything?

Truth is it’s just hard to find the time and when I have a germ I really like, as I did with this one, and it won’t just become a song… well it takes a while.

So here it is.  A couple tracks of real guitar packed with generous helpings of digital icing.  I made extensive use of a plug in called Cheese Machine to generate some of the sounds.  I just thought it sounded cool.

That’s it.  It took 8 months and I hope you’ll spend 8 months listening to it.

Happy Listening: Unpleasant Gum