I Pulled That Thing Off My Head (Now It’s Bleeding)

HeadMy new years resolution?  Complete one song in 2010.  Done!

In the lengthy break between the last song and this one I got a new job and a baby and I don’t have the control over my time that I used to.  Anyway, enough about important stuff.

Also since last post I got a copy of Propellerhead’s new audio recording software called Record.   It integrates with Reason which was a favorite of mine and now together it might supplant Sonar as my go-to music production app.  I always thought Reason had the best synths and sound processing capabilities.  It’s only weakness was the inability to record audio and as a guitar player that was a big problem.

Now the problem is solved and the only thing I’ve found I’ve missed from Sonar is the ability to use a different device for input than I’m using for output.

With all that said there’s very little actual recorded audio in this track.  There was almost none.  As I was working on it I kept trying to add a guitar here and there but no matter how I tried to integrate it it always sounded worse than without.  Finally, I did the least imaginative thing I could do, I added a GUITAR SOLO!  so rad.

One last thing, this piece has some pretty deep bass on it so please don’t listen to it on a laptop.  Use headphones at least – or even a real stereo, if you have one.

Happy Listening