skullI thought having been laid off would give me a lot of time to work on music. Turns out looking for a job can take as much time as having a job.

Speaking of being laid off.  It didn’t inspire the grim title or picture accompanying this tune.  It was named Bones when it was just a minute long music file languishing on my hard drive, forgotten, until I came across it – as an archaeologist might, searching for inspiration for my song for May.

Why it was called Bones I don’t really remember.  Maybe the clanky sounds of the primary instrument sounded like bones to me.  Now it sounds more like one of those African thumb pianos.  Or more accurately, an ensemble of African thumb pianos.  The music itself is not particularly grim or creepy.

This piece was produced entirely within Reason 4.0 and contains no real instruments.  100% artificial ingredients with fillers and preservatives…. Although I think the main instrument sounds pretty natural.

Happy Listening: bones