Circus Pathetique

This piece has been sitting around unfinished for some timeCircus. Why? I don’t know. It’s pretty short and straight forward. Probably because it’s on the slow and introspective side – some would say the whiny crybaby side, but it is a little bit of a downer until the end, when it moves into hopelessness – some would say melodrama.

To me it sounds like sad circus music, or a sad person watching a circus, or a sad person no longer watching the circus, or a sad person drinking at home next to a telephone they didn’t have the courage to use while a circus plays on the TV in the other room.

It’s 3 live guitar tracks recorded into Sonar and two synthed organ tracks – one of which is just an organ patch from the soundcard in my PC. The hard right organ sound is from Reason.

This time the photo is not mine but comes from another flickr user (Bazule). I tried flickr’s facility for searching for creative commons photos. I searched for “circus” and this was the first photo to come up. I thought it was perfect.

I’ll shoot for something more upbeat next month, promise.

Happy Listening: Circus Pathetique