Into the Heights

Probably in reaction to last month’s song, where the tempo was kind of slow and I had trouble creating interesting drums as a result, with this song I cranked the tempo up before I clicked down a single note.

Which reminds me, this piece is unique among all the pieces on this site so far in that it was entirely created within this month. All of the songs posted so far (and probably most of the songs to come) were built from parts created previously. This one was is all new. All new notes for an all new year.

The song was created entirely in Reason 4 because I wanted to play with Thor and some of the other new tools but I quickly got into the music and forgot about the learning so in the end there was only one instance of Thor used for some of the percussion. It’s all synthesized and sequenced with no real instruments.

It’s done by machines ’cause they don’t make mistakes – KMFDM

Also it’s one of the shorter pieces I’ve done. It moves along at a brisk 150 bpm which gets it to its end in under 2:30.

So that’s it. A short fast piece named for the part of town I live in.

Happy Listening: Into the Heights