On Our Street Everything is Fine

street.jpg I kept fighting and fighting this piece. It wouldn’t go where I wanted it to go. I like where it ended up but I still wonder what it would sound like if I were able to get what I wanted from it. I guess I gotta be happy with what I got.

There are 3 real guitar tracks recorded through my PODxt Live into Sonar. I tried to do all the work in Sonar, but I put together a drum track I liked. Sonar tools for creating drum tracks are just way behind. Rendering drums in Sonar is great but constructing drum tracks is not so good.

I tried Drumcore as well. I bought it earlier this year but this was my first serious attempt at using it. Their emphasis on actual recorded drum loops makes it difficult to match loops. They may have been recorded by different drummer on different kits.

I ended up sequencing the drums in Project 5. It’s got a good sized library of midi drum loops and good midi editing tools. I rendered them in an odd way. I rendered the drum tracks through two separate synths (Session Drummer and Dimension Pro) and panned them hard left and right. So it’s the same track in both ears but different drum sounds. I also rounded off the highs to give the drums a bit of the lo-fi sound.

I tend to name instrumentals toward the end when I start to see how the piece is turning out. The working title was “strangled trumpet” due to this great synth sound I used for a melody towards the end. I love it.

Happy Listening: On Our Street Everything is Fine