Elephant Family

This song was inspired by the printing on the side of a grocery bag from an Asian grocery store.

Check it out:

Elephant Family Inspiration

The lyrics are taken entirely from the text on the bag. Also, for some reason I tried to make the piece sound a bit like a theme from a TV show (from the days when TV shows had songs that introduced them) so it’s short. Of course, due to my stunted imagination, most of my songs are short, so it’s not like I really needed to make excuses.

While being short is not rare, me singing *is* rare. Most of the singing is heavily processed so I felt OK doing it. All the spoken parts are NOT me. They’ve all been synthesized from various web sources all of which I’ve forgotten.

Other than my voice the only other real instrument is my guitars. Everything else was done on the computer.

Elephant Family was recorded entirely in Cakewalk Sonar. The guitar was recorded through a Digitech GNX2 processor.

Happy Listening: Elephant Family